IUAC School on HPC Technologies

27th-30th May


New Frontiers

Discover the latest advancements in high performance computing that are revolutionizing scientific research and engineering


Expand your knowledge and skills in the field of high performance computing through hands-on workshops and lectures


Connect with industry professionals, researchers, and fellow students to build a strong network in the HPC community

About the School

The School addresses a broad audience including post graduate students, bright undergraduate students (final year), graduate students, PhD students and young researchers. The course consisting of lectures and hands on sessions, offers an intensive program on the entire hardware and software stack. The curriculum is useful for designing High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions and accelerating data-centric workloads.This aims to boost participants' capabilities in utilizing HPC for complex and data-heavy scientific tasks, covering everything from the basics of computer architecture and the design of high-performance processors to parallel computing. On the software front, the curriculum will address the design of scalable parallel algorithms and the use of programming models and tools crucial for enhancing HPC application performance, including practical hands-on sessions focusing on OpenMP, GPU programming, and MPI. Some lectures will introduce attendees to HPC trends like machine learning integration and extra-functional properties like energy efficiency and reliability.

grayscale photo of person using MacBook
grayscale photo of person using MacBook

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Integrated Circuit
Integrated Circuit